Pokédex ver 1.5

What’s new :

  • Fix crash when opening Farfetch’d
  • Fix version name in Pokémon move filter
  • Add advanced search for Pokédex
  • Add info about available move for Pokémon’s alternative form

Get it on Play Store or Github.


[Android 4.0+] Pokédex Android ver 1.25

What’s new :

  • Add menu to download image
  • Add info about Pokémon with multiple form, e.g. Unown, Vivilon, etc.
  • Add Mega Evolution data

When downloading image, app will extract the data after download is finished. This may take several minutes, depending on your device.

Because of above changes, now this app require new permission :

  • INTERNET For downloading data from internet
  • WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE For extracting data to SDCard0
  • WAKE_LOCK Make sure that CPU doesn’t sleep when downloading and extracting data

You can get it on Play Store :
Get it on Google Play

[Android 4.0+] Pokédex ver 0.95

This is the first release of my Pokédex. In this release, you can see Pokémon data, sprites, image, stats, type efficacy, move, and other data. Its source code is available in github, and you can download it in release page.

This app is compatible with Android 4.0+. For information on how to install and adding image, you can see this page.